Does My Pit Bull Need Clothing?

I remember when I was younger, I thought dogs wearing clothes was hilariously adorable, like a novelty to be appreciated by those with an advanced sense of humor. I would typically see smaller dogs rocking a sweater, and I’d squeal with excitement and laugh into an obsessive stupor. Of course, there were some people who thought it was totally unnecessary and may have even called you crazy (that’s a compliment BTW ;)). I didn’t have an informed opinion until I grew up and got my own dog, who desperately needed something that would fit her AND do something for her many special needs.

Making functional dog clothes over the years (click here to read how we started), I carefully tested and acquired hundreds of measurements from pit bull-type dogs and mixes to create our size range. Have you ever tried to buy your pit bull a sweater from a local store only to find them like this… fat man in a little coat.

Either too long, not stretchy enough, terrible fit, poor quality fabric (or just ugly), the list goes on. I’ve always believed that dog clothes should be cute, personable, comfortable, and—most importantly—FUNCTIONAL. And there are a lot of functions they can serve! You may ask yourself, “does my pit bull need clothing?” Here are some of the top reasons your pit bull may need clothing.

Functional Uses:

Cold Weather. Pit bull-type dogs have a single layer coat and are typically nakey on their bellies. Depending on where you live and the temperature you keep your home, they may need an extra layer to help keep themselves warm. It’s very common for me to find my 90-pound pit bull curled-up shivering indoors during the winter, but giving him an extra cozy layer makes all the difference.

Allergies. Most pit bull-type dogs and mixes suffer from environmental allergies, and not just seasonal ones. Having a breathable, lightweight layer helps act as a barrier from environmental allergens like dust, pollen, and spores to help reduce the allergen contact with their skin.

Surgery Recovery. I’m sure you have been introduced or tortured by the “cone of shame.” Some dogs find these absolutely terrifying because they block their natural range of vision and make loud noises. Depending on the area of surgery, clothing may be your answer for replacing the lampshade during recovery. ACL surgery is very common among pit bull-type dogs and our pajamas fully cover the knee to help aid in healing. Mass removals are also very common, and our pajamas and t-shirts are perfect for protecting the incision site. One tip I have learned with my dogs is sticking an adhesive sanitary pad to the inside of the garment where the incision is, which helps drain, protect, and heal wounds incredibly well.

Anxiety. Snug-fitting clothes can have a calming effect on dogs and help reduce their anxiety in various situations. I personally have noticed when my dogs slip into something cozy, they tend to relax and take a nap (literally me too).

Conversation starter. Let’s be real. If you are the parent of a pit bull-type dog, you’re aware of the ignorance and misinformation out there. I have had many encounters with this: people crossing the road when they see you and your dog, running the other way (hello, it’s not Godzilla, you can chilllll), and loads of other not so nice stuff that we won’t give any more attention to. 🙂 I can’t even keep track of the amazing stories you all have shared with me about how your Tooth & Honey clothing has sparked a positive conversation about your dog. It has given many of you an opportunity to educate someone on these amazing block-headed love-bugs and give them a positive, real-life experience to smash the pibble myths.


As always, you know your dog the best. I never want anyone to force anything on their dog that they are not comfortable with. That’s why we have carefully designed and created our styles to fit very well and be comfortable. We offer a variety of styles and fabrics so you can find what will work best for your pibble and their needs.  If you need help figuring out what will work best, feel free to reach out, we are so happy to help you!

3 Replies on Does My Pit Bull Need Clothing?

  • Maria and Joe Popp says:

    I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing our boy, Vader, to recover from TPLO surgery without the cone of shame. He was miserable enough without that added discomfort.

  • prusa.louis says:

    I have a story about when I first got my pibble puppy. She was sitting on the couch one night, curled up and I asked my brother…”Do you think she’s depressed?…Maybe she doesn’t like living with me”. My brother paused, thought for a second and said, “Maybe she’s cold?…”. I went and put on one of my old sweatshirts and she snuggled up, nice and warm. Her ears perked forward an she was happy. I went and bought her a tooth and honey sweater.

    Bonus pic, here’s Layla: https://i.imgur.com/AyGhhab.jpg

  • Eric tribble says:

    My boy goes to his box everyday and picks out a t-shirt or sweater he wants to wear. If he’s not in clothes he’s not happy!

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