More than just Shopping

Tooth & Honey offers fashionable and stylish clothing and accessories for large dog breeds, specifically pit bulls. Not only will you find the perfect outfit for your furry friend, but you’ll also be supporting animal rescue organizations when you shop with us. At Tooth & Honey, we believe in promoting responsible pet ownership and showcasing pit bulls in a positive light to encourage more bully breed adoptions. Shop with us and help make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Paw-fect fit for your pittie!

Here at Tooth & Honey, we tailor clothing made exclusively for those unique pibble-shaped bodies. Say goodbye to saggy shirts and hello to a stylish and comfortable wardrobe that will make your pup stand out from the pack. Let your furry friend strut their stuff in clothes designed with them in mind!


Ready to do some shopping that really makes a difference? Look no further! With every purchase you make from us, we’ll give back to our amazing partner rescues, fund spay & neuter clinics, and donate loads of products to those in need. Let’s team up to make the world a better place – one purchase at a time!

Spread love and Smile!

Our brand brings you unique designs that are guaranteed to make you, and everyone who sees them, smile from ear to ear. Let’s break down misconceptions about bully breeds with our cute-as-a-button prints! Get ready for some serious ‘aww’ moments.

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