Secret Weapon Against Pesky Summer Bugs

Enjoying the weather with your dog doesn’t need to be ruined by pesky Summer bugs.  It also doesn’t need to be ruined by toxic insect repellants that are bad for your pet (and you).  Enter our go-to alternative that is no longer a secret weapon to one of summer’s most annoying problems: essential oils.

There is a lot of research and different opinions behind essential oils and their effects. Blending these oils into a spray bottle to apply to a bandanna is our favorite method of keeping bugs away.  This way, you can take the bandanna off your dog and wash it, but any residue left on your pet smells pleasant and is non-toxic.

Pesky Summer Bugs Recipe

You can find these essential oils in most grocery and retail stores now (near the vitamins), or get them online. Our favorite recipe against getting rid of pesky Summer bugs include the following ingredients:

    • 1 12oz bottle of Witch Hazel (preferably a high quality with hazel with no alcohol or parabens)
    • 15 drops of citronella essential oil
    • 15 drops of lemongrass oil
    • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil
    • 10 drops of tea tree oil
    • 1 funnel
    • 1 empty spray container, preferably a darker glass one.  This container should be designated for essential oil use only (don’t use it for other stuff after this).
    • 1 Mason jar (or a clean glass jar)

Start by putting the witch hazel in the mason jar.  This is the base for the blend.  Now add the essential oils in the number of drops indicated above. After the oils are added, stir with a clean spoon or just cover the jar and shake it up.  After that, funnel the mixture into a spray bottle to apply to a bandanna. Don’t forget to give the spray bottle a shake before spraying.

Pesky Summer Bugs Recipe Storage

It is best to not store essential oils or blends in a plastic container, as it could affect the quality.  So, after spraying, pour the oil blend back into the mason jar and store in a dark place (or tape/wrap the mason jar to keep light out). Rinse out your spray bottle and let it dry until the next time you need it.

Also be careful when handling essential oils, as they are potent. If you get any oils or blend into your eyes, immediately flush them with clean cold water for a few minutes.

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